Foreign Businesses Entering the U.S. Market

As one of the largest consumer and industrial markets in the world, the U.S. market presents unique market entry challenges. Let our team of experts guide you through the labyrinth of legal, immigration, regulatory, and brand establishment . Our unique team has vast experience and a network of contacts to identify and negotiate available federal, state and local incentives that can  make your project more viable.  Having a clear understanding of the competitive landscape and available opportunities, will help your company, products or services to successfully enter the US market.   As a team of international professionals, who have years of experience in the U.S. market, we can help identify valuable nuances that will help communicate with your ideal clients with a relevant message.  Let us coach you to evolve your successful foreign business model to the reality of this market. 

U.S. Businesses Expanding into Foreign Markets

Global business expansion represents for many U.S. companies an untapped market.  While each of these foreign markets can have a new set of challenges, they are not unlike many of the challenges encountered in the U.S.’s dynamic and competitive market every day.    Let our team of experts guide you through the process, from choosing the correct foreign market to developing a strategy to successfully establish in that foreign market, always with the goal of making it a viable new market for your product or service.    

Supporting U.S. Communities to Attract Foreign Investment

As markets around the world continue to be more closely linked by global supply chains, communities in one of the fast-growing states in the U.S., Texas, have great opportunities to grow local jobs through foreign investment.  As a team with years of experience in international economic development, we are well qualified to support the efforts of local communities in attracting foreign investment. Leverage our network of global contacts to promote the unique benefits of your community with the goal of locating a new jobs in your community.    Our team will guide you through the process of showcasing your community to a captive audience of potential investors while assuring that the potential company visiting is a good fit for your community.  

Full-service Corporate Entity Establishment in the U.S.

Our team has developed a service that is the one-stop for your expansion or new business in the U.S. Call us to ask about our packages and/or to customize our services based on your specific needs. Our Services range from complex immigration, fiscal and other legal matters related to your project to website, marketing, and establishment of your offices in the US. Our team is ready to assist you along every step of your project.

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Legal Translation Services


Legal language and concepts vary significantly between Mexico and the U.S. Our dually licensed attorney in Mexico and in the US (by the State of NY) and our qualified team is ready to review your legal documents in Spanish and English and will make sure that your different versions in both languages match the intentions of both parties. Our team has expertise in providing legal translations for law firms, companies nonprofit organizations and academic institutions.

Legal contracts and agreements require knowledge and expertise to ensure an accurate legal translation. Our team has the experience and legal knowledge to supervise and ensure the most reliable legal translations for technical documents in English to Spanish and vice versa. 

All of our translations are bound by strict attorney-client privilege. 

Our extensive legal expertise includes the following areas:

  • Corporate Law
  • International law 
  • Contract law
  • Oil and gas law
  • Academic collaborations
  • Governmental Agreements (MOU’s, Joint Resolutions, etc.)
  • Sales Contracts
  • Letters of Intent
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Legal disclaimers
  • Affidavits
  • Regulations and laws
  • Letters of credit
  • Arbitration translation

Upon request we will accompany our translated works with a notarized translation certification. Send us an email using the form below for an immediate quote for your specific project. One of our representative will promptly respond to your interest! 


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